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The best treats for the best dog!

Grandma Lucy's Organic

Oven Baked Dog Treats


We found these years ago at our local specialty pet store, and our dogs LOVE them. Our sons even tried them because they look just like teddy grahams! The boys say they taste just as good as them, as well!!


Zuke's Mini Naturals


I absolutely loves these tiny treats for training. I also love that I found this 3 pack. Instead of buying a large bag that will affect the freshness every time I open the bag, I can get the amount I want, while keeping the other two bags sealed and fresh.

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

Lamb & Salmon

These treats are definitely not just for puppies in our household! Although these are only given at bedtime when going in their sleeping crates, I could get them to do almost anything if these were the motivator. 

Downtown Pet Supply

Bully Sticks

We always choose bully sticks over raw hides, and these are made from human grade premium steer beef in the USA. Not what we would recommend for young pups, but definitely for those older ones and adults needing to use some energy chewing!