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Golden Retrievers

PHOEBE (retired 2022)

Phoebe is our only F1 Goldendoodle mom, and the leader of our pack. She's a spunky, silly, energetic girl. Her favorite thing in the world is being outside by her pond, or playing in the yard. She even loves to be outside in the rain and snow! She doesn't seem to meet a stranger, animal or human. She loves attention, and is very happy laying right by your feet while watching tv with you.


CORA (retired 2023)

Cora is a gorgeous Golden Retriever who is often described as a field Golden. She is a very relaxed and easy going girl, yet loves to track scents and figure out obstacles. She is the one that makes us laugh the most with her funny personality. She is extremely endearing and will capture your heart quickly! 



Palmer is the daughter of Cora and the future of Lowcountry Goldens. After completing her testing at the age of two, she will become a part of our program in 2024.



Lily is a F1 standard Goldendoodle and the daughter of Phoebe. She is the most human-like dog we have ever owned. She is loving, obedient, gentle, playful, and loyal. Her puppies will be mulitgen Goldendoodles and we will breed her for medium and standard sized puppies. 


 NOVA (retired 2023)

Nova is the therapist of our tribe! She loves being with her people more than anything! Interaction with us, whether it be throwing the tennis ball, or sitting on the patio, is what she lives for. She will stare into your eyes like no other dog I've ever owned. She thinks she’s the daughter we never had. Don't tell her she's actually a dog! However, she is a beautiful light cream European Golden Retriever with the most amazing fluffy tail that is always wagging. 


The most important step in producing healthy puppies is to verify the health of our girls. We use Embark, Paw Print, and Animal Genetics for our genetic testing. We require OFA clearances for hips and elbows before allowing a female to enter the breeding program. We also maintain heart and eye exams every other year that meet OFA certification requirements. 


Ginger joined us in the summer of 2022 and made a seamless transition into our pack. She is so gentle and extremely easy-going. She loves affection and will sit by you for hours. She gets along so well with all of our dogs, and is eager to please. She is a F1 standard Goldendoodle, and produces medium to standard multigen Goldendoodle puppies.

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