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What We Love!

We often get texts, emails, social media requests, etc. asking us about trainers, treats, health supplements, bowls, leashes, dog walkers, and every single dog related product or service imaginable. So, we've decided to dedicate an entire section of our website to help answers some of those questions.

Let's start with puppy training. We believe that the most important step you can take to have an incredible life with your new puppy or dog is by training them to live in your home the way you already live. In our opinion, that requires you to be the trainer. We don't believe that one training class fits all. We believe that some puppies or dogs learn faster than others and that you should be able to work at your own pace. We also believe that it's hard to be as confident in your abilities as your dog's trainer if you have a professional trainer standing by your side.

Our number one pick for dog training is Baxter and Bella Online Puppy School. It is the most amazing program we've ever researched. Truth be told, it's the program we use with our own dogs. They are always just a call away, they give the best instruction, games, ideas, and support, and they have an incredible podcast with so many great tips and tricks. 

The price is better than any program we've researched, as well. There's also a discount code that can give you an additional 25% discount. 

Visit for more information. Use code ICANTRAIN for the discount.

Next up is health supplements. We aren't sure why supplements are controversial, but we've learned they are! If you ask your vet, they will say that your dog doesn't need a supplement if you are feeding a high quality food . While technically that's true, we believe that there's always room for improvement. As a human, we try to choose foods that are good for us, but that doesn't mean that we don't also take supplements to help us achieve optimal health. Since our dogs can't tell us when they are feeling poorly or begin to have health concerns that we can't see, we believe it's our responsibility to raise the bar on their nutritional intake. We choose NuVet and NuJoint. You'll need to visit their website to see all of the unbelievable ingredients packed into each chewable wafer. I even asked if I could take them!, or they are actually a company that answers their phones!


Use order code 872718.

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