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Guardian Program

We love our dogs beyond measure, and only want the best for their whole lives, not just the time they are in our program. We currently have 4 retired dogs and 4 breeding dogs living in our home, and 3 living in guardian homes. Our guardian homes are the future or our program, as we believe we have all the dogs we can handle living full-time in our home in order to properly care for them and give them enough love and attention. We don't place our dogs in new homes once they're retired unless they are moving to family member/close friend homes that already know and love our dogs, and have a relationship with them. Therefore, being able to grow our program after a mom retires at age 5 or 6 requires that we rely on guardians for the future growth of Lowcountry Goldens. 

What is a guardian home? 

A guardian home is a home that is within a 1.5 hour drive from us that fits all of our requirements for the guardian of our future breeding dog. At the age of 2 we will begin the breeding process, which requires that we have access to the dog for testing, breeding, health checks, ultrasound, x-rays, whelping, and puppy rearing. Most moms nurse until pups are 5-6 weeks old, which will require that the dog remain in our care for 5-7 weeks. Once we begin to wean puppies, we let our retired moms step in to help raise the puppies, so our guardian dogs will go back to their guardian family at that time. We will have a maximum of 3 litters with each dam before retiring them and transferring full ownership over to their guardian family.

Guardianship Quick Facts

  • Guardians are NOT charged the cost of a puppy, which ranges $2200-$3200.

  • Guardians will pay a $1200 guardian fee, but have an opportunity to receive $100 per puppy sold as compensation, if the guardian dog produces puppies. 

  • Guardian dogs will be the property of the breeder while in the program, and will be transferred to ownership of the guardian once they've been released from Lowcountry Goldens.

  • Guardians are responsible for maintaining an accident/illness pet insurance policy, as well as all regular health and wellness care. The breeder is responsible for all breeding related expenses.

  • Guardian should live within a 1.5 hour drive from the breeder. The breeder should have access to the dog when requested for connection visits, health testing, and breeding related needs.

  • When available, the breeder will offer 7 nights of free boarding per year. These do not have to be consecutive nights.

  • The breeder will have a maximum of 3 litters with the guardian dog. The dog will be in the breeders home during the whelping and nursing of the puppies. Once puppies are weaned, the retired dams living with the breeder will assume the puppy raising responsibility in order for the guardian dog to return home to her guardian family.

  • Guardians will have an opportunity to purchase a puppy from one of the 3 litters at half price.

  • If the guardian dog does not acquire the testing results desired by the breeder at age 2, the guardian will not owe any additional fee to own the dog, will be responsible for having them spayed, and will receive transfer of ownership as soon as the spay has been completed.

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