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Lily and Forest-medium - April 2024 $2800

Ginger and Bam - standard - Spring/Summer 2024 $2800

Golden Retrievers

Cream Goldens -  Nova was our last cream Golden Retriever. We will not be producing any more creams at this time.

Red Goldens - We retired Cora in 2023. Cora's daughter, Palmer, will be ready for advanced health testing in July 2024. We will breed her the heat cycle following completion of  hip, elbows, eyes, and heart testing. Genetically, she is completely clear of all genetic disorders.

LILY AND FOREST (retirement litter)

Lily and Forest had their retirement litter on April 9. Although Lily is now retired, her perfect daughter, Bee, will be having her advanced health testing completed this summer Our hope is that she will carry Lily and Phoebe's Goldendoodle lines and will produce mediums beginning Fall 2024. Stay tuned!

RESERVATION LIST for Lily's April litter

1. Courtney

2. Wilson

3. Peterson

4. Catanzaro

5. Frey

6. Brady


Ginger and Bam (retirement litter)

Ginger and Bam will welcome their first litter together in August 2024. This will be Bam's first litter, but Ginger's last. We expect them to fit in the Standard size category, as Ginger is 65 lbs. and Bam is 48 lbs. This litter should be perfect for those looking for a dog they want to travel, hike, boat, run, or play with. Ginger is my best listener and is great in public places, car rides, and anywhere off leash. She's extremely gentle and submissive. But, she can get bored easily and likes to chew when not engaged. Bam is Lily's son, and has her exact personality. Calm, super loving, never meets a stranger, playful, and the perfect sidekick for any place. He's most definitely my spirit animal! Bam is a therapy dog and has a weekly job visiting memory care patients, shut-ins, and residents at a local retirement community. Ginger has a curly coat, and Bam has a straight coat, so the pups should have a straight to wavy coat based on their gene configuration.

These puppies will be $2800. $750 of that is due as a deposit to secure your reservation spot.


1. Breeder option

2. Crouch

3. Roff







Ginger's pup

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