PHOEBE AND ROMEO November  2021

Phoebe and Romeo welcomed their 3rd litter of F1 Standard Goldendoodles on March 14, 2021. Their 4th litter together should arrive towards the end of November. Their puppies are fun-loving, loyal, playful, and great companions. Our Lily was a puppy from their first litter, and we couldn't love her more! Romeo comes from Monarch Standard Poodles and is one of the most impressive dogs I have ever seen. He's simply majestic and carries himself with such poise and confidence.  Their puppies are $2800, and are in great demand. Both parents have been genetically tested for compatibility and have their OFA certifications for heart, eyes, hips, and elbows. Please visit the Puppy Applications and Reservations page for more information on the process. 

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Romeo and Phoebe

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Puppies from their previous litter

CORA AND CASH November 2021

Cora and Cash welcomed their 2nd litter on March 13, 2021. Their 3rd litter should arrive near the end of November.  We are very excited about this pairing. Our 1 yr old male, Cash Jr, is one of the best pups we have ever owned!  Cash Sr and Cora are both driven, smart, loyal, athletic, playful, sweet, and goofy. They are full of personality and very willing to please. Cash has worked diligently to obtain his Master Hunter Title and comes to us from PBG Kennels in Stoneville, NC. They are both in the 65-75 pound range. Their puppies will cost $2600.  If you are interested in a future litter, please see the process under Puppy Application and Reservations. We look forward to hearing from you!


NOVA AND OSHIE November 2021

Nova and Oshie will be welcoming their first litter together near the end of November. Their puppies will cost $2800. Both of them are light cream from English decent. They are sweet, gentle dogs that are very loyal and connected to their owners.. They are both very good with children and older adults. They both strive to please. Oshie is a larger Golden weighing 85 lbs while Nova is 65 lbs. We are very excited to raise this litter. Our hope is that this pairing will produce great candidates for emotional support/therapy dogs. Oshie is an international champion, and has received his therapy certification through Therapy Dogs International. He comes to us from Henne Goldens in Myrtle Beach, SC. They both have genetic testing, and clearances for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes.  Visit our application and reservation page for the next steps in our process.