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The Lowcountry Golden Love Story

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Welcome to Lowcountry Goldens, formerly Gate City Goldens before moving to coastal SC from central NC. We are so excited to share our love for our sweet dogs with you! Truth be told, becoming breeders was never in our plans. However, it has definitely become our calling.

We‘ve raised 3 boys and several rescue animals since 1991. During those years we also enjoyed helping our dear friends who are Golden Retriever/Goldendoodle breeders whenever they needed a 2nd set of hands. At one point we even agreed to babysit a new Golden Retriever puppy headed their way at the same time one of their dogs had a litter due. The original plan was that we would keep her for a few weeks, but that plan changed very quickly. The day she came into our home, we realized we were on a path of no return.

We had never owned a Golden Retriever before, and this sweet girl found her way into our hearts almost immediately. We were faced with some unforeseen personal issues, and she became a therapy dog for us before we even understood we needed one! Somehow God saw fit for her to become a permanent part of our family. He also put it in our hearts to build a program of our own that would allow others to have the same experience of owning a happy and healthy Golden Retriever.

Fast-forward to today and we now have three Golden Retriever females...Phoebe, Cora, and Nova. The plan is to have 2 more females by the end of 2020. We also have a desire to reach the population of people who love the size and personality of a Golden Retriever, but have a sensitivity to their shedding double coat. We hope to be adding a Goldendoodle puppy to our GCG family by January 2020. Our number one priority is the health and personality of our dogs. We will spend the time, money, and energy to make sure they have the necessary genetic testing, as well as testing the health of their heart, eyes, hips, and elbows. Our goal is to better the breed with each litter by choosing mates who have been tested, as well. We will also be looking at the temperament of our dogs and the studs to determine the best match. Our hearts desire is to produce puppies that are healthy, happy, and will bring you love and joy for many years to come! Thank you so much for trusting us to do so. 🐶❤️

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Alesia Hays
Alesia Hays
13 de jan. de 2023

Your words have touched my heart and it is clear that you love these furbabies and they are very much family members!!! We recently got a Goldendoodle puppy and she is the most adorable, sweetest and loving little girl...however, we are having a few issues and would love to be able to bounce these off of someone like you...that is experienced and LOVING and seems very knowledgeable!!! We are curious if her issues are due to her young 5 months of age or something we should be concerned about and acting on!!! I'm not sure if I know how to check back messages, would appreciate you replying to me via text message on my cell at 601-966-6676!!! Thank y…

Cathy Isom
Cathy Isom
25 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

Hi there!

Have you spoken with her breeder? I would expect my families come back to me for questions. I’m the only one that can talk about the parents temperaments, the young puppy training I used while raising the litter, and the personality of the pup while with me. It’s very hard for me to know info about a pup I’ve never met, and didn’t raise.

If it’s training issues, I always send my families to This is an amazing program that I use for my own dogs. It teaches me how to train my dog…in every single aspect of raising them. If I ever have questions, they will schedule a virtual session with me privately. The price is…

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